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Eileen Depew

Eileen Depew

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You deserve to be represented by an attorney in your sale or purchase of real estate. The sale, purchase or construction of a home will be one of the largest financial commitments you will make. Immediately above your signature on the purchase or sale contract you sign will be the instruction:
“CONSULT AN ATTORNEY: TREC rules prohibit real estate licensees from giving legal advice. [Actually, Texas law prohibits non-attorneys from giving legal advice.] READ THIS CONTRACT CAREFULLY. If you do not understand the effect of this contract, consult an attorney BEFORE signing.”
Yet, how many actually take the time and incur the expense to retain an attorney? By letting me handle your transaction, that value will be “built in”. Not only will you receive excellent sales, marketing, staging, market analysis, and negotiation advice, you will also receive the added value of having an experienced attorney on your side to navigate through the intricacies of the transaction.
Not only am I passionate about protecting my client’s legal rights, I also truly love all aspects of the Real Estate process, From market analysis, acquisition, construction, finish out, decorating, negotiation, to closing. My devotion to Real Estate comes from my family’s rich history in construction and real estate investment businesses going back 50 years. They taught me the basics of the industry and a great work ethic. At about the time I learned to walk, I learned how to swing a hammer in my father’s construction business. My past has carried me into the present. I have built new homes, decorated, staged, marketed and sold homes, renovated and leased rental homes, and I have developed ranch and residential property. I have worked with buyers, sellers, builders, inspectors, contractors, attorneys, and just about anyone else you can think of in the real estate field.